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Virtual Pilot 3D|Virtual Pilot 3D Review|The Best Flight Sim

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Hold on to your seats, with the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator you are going to experience an incredible flying experience 


Virtual Pilot 3D Review

The virtual Pilot 3D package is a very exquisite flight simulator software/game with great graphics and superb realism; it brings out one’s expertise as a pilot. It features a massive array of aircrafts, which one can be able to fly to any location that they may come up with, in all different kinds of imaginable weather conditions. Built after research by NASA, this 3D game has been approved by the FAA and may be employed in training pilots at a professional level. This game has grown very popular due to exceptional features and it’s also easy to use. Here are the pros and cons of this 3D game.
Pros of Virtual Pilot 3D

200+ Aircraft: The game possesses some unbelievable aircraft assortments that one can select from. Whether it is the great Antonov An-225, the famous 747 Jumbo jet, the quick Lockheed SR71 Blackbird and even gliders and helicopters. There is also pre-world war kind of models available in the selection.
Real Cockpit and controls: The cockpits that exist in this game are often modeled on real cockpits with the controls behaving just as they would when in an actual plane, including delays in the input and response time, malfunctions and random system failures. Also included under this is a tutorial meant for every plane in that game.
Real World Airfields: In this area, the game tests one’s imagination with regard to destinations they wish to fly to. One can fly all the way from their local airstrip or the closest international airport to every destination all over the globe they can possibly imagine of. Ideally, this game comes loaded with the entire world in it.
Realistic Physics: Aircraft in this game often responds just like the actual one would in case of a turbulent weather, serious crosswind landings and takeoffs. The best part about this lies in the incorporation of a ground effect on every landing plane.
Real Time weather: This game possesses some feature which will allow the player to have the real weather at all locations, at one given time, with the use of meteorological reports and NOAA reports from the closest airport at one’s current location while in the game.
Mind Blowing scenery: The game’s geographical scenery is very realistic and one can possibly think that they are watching through some window.
Multi User Support: The game permits installation by several users and has a multiplayer feature attached to it. One computer running this game supports up to 9 monitors in either of the modes for the player to have an ultimate 3D visual of gaming.
Compatibility: The game can run on the current OS such as Windows 7, Vista XP, Mac OSX leopard edition and Mac OSX. The system’s 1 GB RAM and 2 GHz processor requirements can be achieved on most computers.
ATC: Its Air Traffic Control System is cream in color. It not only has an Approach and Departure, Tower and Centre but also ground Air Traffic Control System. Advanced users and gamers may ask to be vectored from and to the airport or even call for visual approaches or Instrument Landing Systems. The user can also opt to fly under IFR or VFR.
Actual Airline routes: To have a more practical experience as much as possible, the game permits the gamer to fly real flight routes employed by airlines. The gamer can also arrange for their personal flight routes.
Full Autopilot feature: The system incorporates a complete autopilot feature which allows the player to just sit back and relax at the cruising altitude to be able to enjoy the view.
Cons of Virtual Pilot 3D
The advanced features of the game and the simulation can just be completely enjoyed by those who are familiar with the fundamentals of flight and the aerodynamics, for instance landing and take-off, using ILS systems and recovery from stalls. The game is meant for long time gamers and it takes a pretty long time for gamers to acquire the gist and get contented eventually.
With its features, this game will certainly answer the query, ‘what if?’ This may include landing an A380 on some airstrip just to see what will happen. This game is just amazing. The only thing that may beat the experience of the Virtual Pilot 3D game is flying in an actual plane and crashing.


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